5 Steps to Cross Selling

Cross Selling happens when the buying behaviour of a sales transaction drives another sale transaction.

Primary Sales

Cross Sales

Category 1: Pizza Category 2: Beverage Cheese bust, Dips, Sauce
Category 1: Saree Category 2: Ghaghra Designer Blouse, Fall of saree
Category 1: Car Category 2: AMC of 3 years Foot mat, audio system, 3M polish, Remote lock, GPS system etc.
Real Estate Flat Interior designing, Air conditioner etc.


Step no 1: Close Primary Sale first.
Step no 2: Pitch cross selling options only. (no up selling at this point please!)
Step no 3: Pitch Next Category Primary Sale.
Step no 4: Pitch cross selling options of next category- sales strategy.
Step no 5: Thank the customer for trying cross selling options.


  1. Dont try more than 2 category primary sales and therefore 2 category upselling and cross selling options unless the customer is willing to visit third category product range.
  2. Cross selling is an option and not a must purchase option
  3. Cross selling requires the salesperson to be empowered in soft selling skills.

Sanjay is the Chief Knowledge Resource of Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd, Nagpur. He has a hands on working experience of 33 years in Sales Management across industry verticals and geographies in the global market. He can be contacted on 9970506000 for any clarification on this blog. For more details log on to http://www.consult4sales.com

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