22 Answers that Precedes Sales Advisory

A Sales Advisor will always seek to know valid answers to the following 22 questions before attempting to advise. It is a great idea to find these answers before empaneling a sales advisory services on your board.


  1. What is the

    a. Average age of your customer?
    b.Which part of the city most of them come from?
    c.What would be the average SEC of your customers? (Socio Economic Class)
    d.What are the lifestyle parameters of your customers?

    e.What is the belief indexes of your customers?
    f.What are the attitudinal quotients of your customers?
    g.What category of Firmographics do your customers represent?
    h.How many footfalls does your showroom get per day?

  2. Who are the known Active Customers? (SKU / Category wise)
  3. Who are the known Inactive Customers? (SKU / Category wise)
  4. Who are your VIP Customers? (SKU / Category wise)
  5. Who are the customers with a frequency of N visits per year?
  6. Can you print a list of those customers who have made N visits last year to your showroom and have also visited the showroom in last three months .?
  7. Print a list of those customers whose billing exceeded Rs X lakhs in last financial year and are now visiting our showroom @ n visits per year .
  8. What is the counter share in your shop of Marathis, Agarwals Maheshwaris, Punjabis, Sindhis, Gujaratis etc.?
  9. What is the average ticket size of customers in your shop?
    (Religion / Community wise)
  10. What is the average time for which a footfall stays in your showroom?
  11. What is the average shopping value in Rupees for every hour of footfall stay in your showroom ?
  12. How many customers have not visited your showroom for the last N
    Years / months / quarters? What is the reason for the same?
  13. What do you do to activate the list generated from S no 12 above?
  14. What percentage of customers shop in your showroom
  • With a reason defined e.g. marriage etc.
  • Impulsive (No reason)
  1. Who are the impulsive customers in your list and how do you engage them periodically ?
  1. How do you ensure that any family with a marriage on the cards do visit your showroom at least once ?
  1. Do you have data of footfalls which visited your showroom but did not buy anything from you?
  1. On an average, a footfall in your showroom visits how many sections of your showroom ? ( e.g A footfall which visits diamond section also visits gold bangle section )
  1. Do you register any Cross Selling when a footfall visits a secondary Counter after having visited a Primary counter?


  2. Do you seek References from satisfied customers? If yes, how much
    Sales do you register under Reference Selling per annum?
  3. Do you run any kind of Loyalty program for your old customers?
  4. How does the loyalty campaign translate into Growth of your business?

Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt Ltd. was founded in 1998 with a view to provide single window solutions on Business Development and Growth.

We look at customer buying behaviour and relevant sales metrics to arrive at a scientific basis for business sales growth. This translated into a strategy, which is rolled out in the form of various campaigns directed towards

  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Selling more to same customers
  • Complaint handling systems
  • Customer Relationship Management

Mr. Sanjay Singh, Chief Knowledge Resource best sales consultant, is a MDP faculty of IIM Kolkota and has written books like Beg, Borrow or Sell , The Grass is Always Green and The Silos of Customer Relationships.

We look forward to interact with all professionals who take pride in being a sales professional. For further details log on to http://consult4sales.com mail your queries for speedy feedback from our side at hello@consult4sales.com

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