10 Reasons to be Proud Salesman

I am a proud salesperson and site the following cogent 10 reasons for the same:

1.  The entry “From Sales” in the Balance sheet of a company takes care of all the expenses of the company.

2.  Sales function entitles me to meet new persons every day and these meetings forge new friendship opportunities

Always be very proud to be a salesman. You are blessed.

for me every day sales training.

3.  The name, fame and money that sales function allows me to earn are unmatchable.

4.  My performance or otherwise in Sales function is the primary subject matter of discussion in any board meeting anywhere in the world.

5.  Sales function leads the market attack from the front. We are like soldiers who go to enemy territory to unfurl the flag of our brand.

6.   Sales is the only profession which needs no “Selling”.

7.   Every time I sell, it’s like God adds a new member to my family and I am proud of my extended family.

8.   I am proud that you can either “love” or “hate” me as a salesman but you can never “ignore” me.

9.   I am proud as sales consultant that Sales is my religion.

10.  Sales has taught me that no target is big if I have decided to achieve the same.

I strongly recommend to all salespersons on Earth that you should start believing in your self with pride. There is no profession in this world that not only feeds you but your entire company employees. The name and fame that this profession can give you are unparalleled. Once you master this profession, be lest assured that you are now eligible to start an enterprise of your own and support the employment of more people.

We thank God to have made me a salesperson in this life!

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