10 Points all Entrepreneurs must know about Sales

1. Define your TG (Target Group) as clearly as possible in terms of Income graphics, Demographics, Psychographics & Firmographics .

2. Demand Forecasting and Target Setting is a scientific Sales Process and should not be done under an euphoric outburst.

3. Tactical planning and Strategic thinking cannot be done by sit ting in offices. Data obtained first hand on the field is the only way to prepare a Go-To market plan.

4. Salespersons are not magicians who can do what you cannot do. Please do it yourself before you ask your salesperson to do it. e.g. If you give a monthly target of 30 units of sales per month for a specific salesperson , you should be able to sell at least 2 units per day before doing so.

5. Sales Teams need a Sales Manager to be managed. In a start up , the CEO has to perform this role. Learn Sales Management be fore you venture to do so.

6. Support your sales person by actively investing in Lead Generation , Complaint handling, Reference Selling, Supply Chain Lo gistics, Customer Service and Quality Assurance.

7. Ensure that you have statutory budget for Marketing in terms of percentage of gross sales done. Brand building is a conscious ex ercise and cannot be taken up after one has earned enough money.

8. Rub shoulders with Salespersons on the field. Do everything possible to ensure that the salesperson is coached.

9. Empower the salesperson or Sales Consultant to take some decision on the field rather than moving up and down ever since.

10. Believe in the religion of sales.

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