Customers respect only those salespersons whose employees also respect them.

— Sanjay Singh

Nothing is final till death. An unsuccessful product launch can be re launched with better planning.

There are occasions when a product does not meet the critical demand in the market which is so necessary for its survival. The uphill climb from “Introduction” to “Growth” stage in Product Life Cycle curve has witnessed many such occasions. One surely looks for professional help in this period.

Products also reach a plateau after “Maturity” stage unless fresh adrenalin is injected in the shape of a grand relaunch of old wine in new bottle!

At SCIPL, our advisory services team engages with the customer in the following areas
  • Market Audit
  • Market Analysis – SWOT, TOWS, Weinberger, Mckinsey Models
  • Revised Go-To Market Plan
  • Handholding the implementation phase

Once bitten , twice shy! It is very important that market metrics are understood in letter and spirit before going in for relaunch of a product or service.

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