The 5S way is used by the knowledge resource at SCIPL before taking any assignment under this category. Unfolded, each S of the 5S way can be explained as follows:

    • Suno

This involves “Active listening” the challenges and issues of the client which brings the latter to us.

    • Samjho

Define problem by a structured process of elimination and selection.

    • Samjhao

Reiterate our understanding of the problem to the client to ensure that there is no gap between the client’s expectation and our understanding.

    • Sujhao

Map problems defined with relevant data, primary or secondary, to arrive at a tactical plan which is implementable and discuss the same with the client.

    • Samadhan

Discuss, Document and Deliver an implementable plan. If required, we go ahead with the “Samadhan” leg ourselves at least on a pilot basis.

Method ensures standard quality.

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