Sales Performance Quotient

Sales metrics. This is a Sales Balanced Scorecard for Excel that describe the sales machine in company. These metrics will help to measure and evaluate the performance and quality of sales department, compare one sale team against another, providing additional information for benchmarking. Such a sales kpi system will make it easier to manage sales department providing company leaders with an easy to use dashboard with correct sales-related indicators.

More ideas on using Sales KPI:

Measuring sales is necessary for any and every business type, irrespective of the size the organization has. This is because contributing maximally to the ‘sales volume’ is what the ultimate aim of a firm is.

This makes it important for the sales department people to evaluate the parameter constantly. One can do this in a logical and scientific manner by looking for the useful metrics to gauge the performance of sales division of the organization.

In other words, knowing the effect of efforts of marketing people is a must in case the company intends to be on the growth path continuously.

One can do this by arranging the parameters on a sales scorecard and handing over the task of ‘monitoring and tracking’ to this management tool.

This strategy was devised in 1990s by Norton and Kaplan as the need for ‘non-financial’ assessment w as felt. Earlier, only the financial counterpart was utilized however, dilemmas regarding the true direction in which the processes were moving starting coming up. This led to the inclusion of ‘non-financial’ portion inside the scene. Consequently, by having such an instrument in hand, one can get assured of shaving success in the task.