Your sales team needs a mother who can father them at times!

Sales Management is a professional job. We depute our team of Sales Managers to manage day to day operations of Sales for limited period of time.

The objective of this exercise is one of the following:

  • Stop gap arrangement pending such time a new sales manager comes in the system
  • The volume of business at clients end is not enough to support a full time sales manager
  • Client uses the opportunity to train a new sales manager under the tutelage of our expert sales manager
  • Client wishes to mentor self on Sales Management principles and guidelines
  • Client needs a temporary Sales Manager for a temporary assignment
  • Client wishes to permanently outsource the function of sales management

Services provided by our Sales Managers are as follows:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Target Setting
  • Beat , Route and Journey Cycle Allocation
  • Daily monitoring of sales team for results ( A kiss in the morning and a kick in the evening every day)
  • Ensure MIS updations every day
  • Prepare and implement incentive schemes , rewards and recognition programs
  • Empower sales team with sales kit and sales aids
  • Rub shoulders with sales team on the field and coach them
  • Open flood gates of leads for sales team by interfacing with big and key accounts
  • Learning and Development of Sales Team (Daily , Weekly, Monthly)
  • Avoid burnout syndrome in sales team
  • Ensure that every day is a fresh day for the sales team

How to improve your soft skills?

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