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Customers respect only those salespersons whose employees also respect them.

— Sanjay Singh

You must have a strong conviction and be motivated enough to be able to climb a wall

Sales Incentive is a very important part and parcel of Compensation Tool Kit of a sales person. Many a times the money invested in incentive program goes waste as it fails to motivate the sales team to “climb the wall”. We help our clients answer the following questions and even implement the sales incentive program as an outsourced agency.

  • What motivates a salesperson?
  • What aspects of sales need to be incentivised? Productivity or Performance?
  • What is the “least count” for calculating incentives?
  • Has my sales team become parasites to incentives?
  • How does one arrive at team incentives?
  • How do we incentivise the back end support team?
  • Despite announcing incentives, the sales team just does not show any interest in the same. Why?
  • How do we creatively design sales incentive schemes so that the same does not look predictable to the salesperson?
  • How can i incentivize non-sales function to support incremental sales?
  • Can we have some incentive to promote “Customer Centricity” in the entire team?

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Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

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