Sales Incubation ensures that fresh salesperson hatch themselves out of the shell of no confidence, no market exposure and no product knowledge under the guidance of experts from SCIPL.

The incubators at SCIPL have a hands on industry experience of 25 years plus and are trained for the job.

Sales incubation is done for a period of 3 months, wherein:

  • The sales person reports to SCIPL office every day during incubation period
  • SCIPL conducts morning review every day for 10 minutes
  • SCIPL guides for the field work every day and sometimes even assist the fresher in the field
  • Evening review is done every day
  • Planning for successive day is done every night
  • SCIPL provides infrastructure for daily reporting of prospects – Hot, Warm and Cold

Incubation ensures that the child born comes out healthy and strong to face the world. Fresh salespersons need a similar incubation before they hit the field.

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