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Commitment to customers must be upheld by salespersons, come what may.

— Sanjay Singh
  • The Journey From “Lead” to Customer - The Birth of a “Lead” Even before a Lead is born, it is conjured as a Suspect in the mind of a Salesperson. The salesperson is expected to do a Cluster Analysis of his suspects which in turn depends on the Target Group (TG) which they are trying to address for a particular product or

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X-Sell is a flagship program of SCIPL which focuses on the art behind the science of selling.

What is the content of this program?
  • The DNA of a Salesperson
  • The Art of Prospecting for Lead Generation
  • The Right Questions Map – Need Analysis
  • The art of Objection Handling
  • From – To Approach
  • Always be Closing (Part closing)
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Sales Pipeline Funnel and its Management
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Management Information Systems (Sales Metrics)
  • Reference Selling
  • Cross Selling
  • Life Time Value of a customer
Who should participate in this program?
  • CEOs , Directors and Sales Leaders of Sales Driven organisations
  • Sales Managers (TTT Program)
  • Practising sales professionals
  • Sales Consultants
  • Sales Academicians
  • Students of Sales Management
3 days, 6 hours per man day
Batch Size:
Maximum 40 pax
Lead Faculty
Mr. Sanjay Singh
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