Often the best advice a CEO can receive, is from other CEOs

It is always very lonely at the top.

The SME CEO Circle provides CEOs and leaders of industry with a unique forum to share advice, exchange experiences and connect in an atmosphere of trust and mutual support in a non-competing peer group environment.

This is forum of the CEO’s, for the CEO’s and by the CEO’s!

Advantages of Membership:

  • A wider circle of influence.
    The CEO Circle puts you in close contact with a wide variety of Chief Executives, from senior to very senior, and from public and private companies. In short, you will meet business leaders you would not normally meet, and you can maintain and build contacts beyond the structures of The CEO Circle.
  • A broader perspective.
    As a busy Chief Executive you do not always have the time to attend seminars and conferences, or read widely. The CEO Circle lets you talk to others in the same situation and through the exchange that takes place can often bring you up to speed on industry trends and how they affect your business.
  • An improved corporate culture.
    Every organisation has its own culture, and the Chief Executive is a powerful factor in defining what that is. Being exposed to other companies cultures allows you to filter and embrace the aspects which enhance your own business performance, especially where major workplace change is happening.
  • A broader exchange of ideas.
    The full and frank exchange of ideas between diverse leaders who have tried many things, and know what succeeds and what does not, is very stimulating.
  • A wealth of experience.
    As a member of The CEO Circle you benefit from the experience of others who have ‘been there before’ and have sound practical advice to offer you – without any strings attached or any competitive factors clouding the exchange.
  • A less lonely existence.
    As a CEO you will undoubtedly feel a degree of ‘loneliness at the top’ at some time during your business life, where reliable, sympathetic listeners are hard to find. The CEO Circle has fulfilled this essential role for hundreds of senior executives since it began in 1994.

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