Schemes & Offers

Schemes and Offers

Schemes and offers are designed, shall we say , crafted by professionals who ensure an apparent win-win situation for all stakeholders. One has to have an idea of VED(Vital , Essential, Desirable) analysis of people’s buying habits as well as FSN(Fast Moving, Slow Moving and Non moving) analysis of goods in the store. In addition one must have deep insights into customer satisfaction metrics to be able to arrive at schemes and offers which excite the customers.
The key deliverables of this program are:

  • Who pays for the discount?
  • What is the mathematical logic used to derive schemes and offers?
  • What is the critical mass for a scheme to be successful? How is it arrived at? How does one ensure that the critical mass is achieved?
  • How does one ensure that a good scheme becomes successful in terms of store management as a profit centre?
  • How does one hedge between “free” and “paid” in Modern Retail Trade?
  • Discuss some live case studies from industry on successful and failure schmes launched by MNC brands.

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