Space ManagementSpace Management is a science as well as an art. The optimisation of space allocated to merchandise display, footfall movement, utility space, visual merchandising space and storage space is what space management in modern retail trade format is all about. The optimisation process cannot be done at the cost of ease of movement, pleasure of viewing and an open 3D space.

The key deliverables of this program are:

  • What and in which order does one give priority to things in space management for MRT?
  • What are the thumb rules of space management in MRT?
  • How does the role of an architect differ from the role of a Store Manager as far as space management in MRT is concerned?
  • Discuss some live samples of MRT in India from space management perspective. Case study

Comfort and ease of footfall is more important than an extra rack of display. Manage your space well.

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