People ManagementThe three aspects of People management are managing their ability, skill and knowledge. If managed well the three aspects translate to capability, expertise and wisdom. The end result of this a controlled level of manpower attrition.
The MRT format employs a large number of shop floor officers under a few managers. In such a labour intensive industry. Counselling, mentoring and relevant L&D initiatives work well.
The key deliverables of this program are:

  • How do we document the ability of an individual?
  • Once documented, how does one convert abilities to capabilities for sustained level of performance?
  • What is a skill – will matrix?
  • What are “trainable skills”? What is the methodology to find them?
  • What is a learning curve in MRT?
  • How does the learning curve travel to the milestone of “wisdom” in MRT?
  • What is a typical organogram in a med format MRT?
  • Rectuitment, Retention and Results