Materials ManagementMaterials Management is a core management function and one needs to specialise in the same to handle it independently. Nevertheless the Manager in a Modern Retail Trade needs to know some basics of Materials Management.

This program aims at this and aims to cover the following areas:

  • What is ABC classification of materials?
  • What is “lead time” and “reorder time” for materials?
  • How does poor material management lead to poor sales in the store?
  • What is the concept of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)?
  • Learn the art and science of warehousing and storing goods.
  • How does one manage multiple SKU for the same brand and product type?
  • What is a “black-hole”?
  • What is the software used by most brands in India for Materials Management?

Supply Chain Management and Logistics is at the heart of Modern Retail Trade.

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