FormatThe format of a MRT is the size category defined internally for a given group or brand. For example, Big Bazaar in India has MRT formats of Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar and Central Big Bazaar and so on.
The key deliverables of this program is:

  • What is modern retail trade?
  • How does one compare MRT with conventional retail trade?
  • What is the role of format and scale of operations in MRT?
  • How does format related to profitability of a store?
  • What are the factors responsible for choosing a format in a given location?
  • How does one ensure convergence of Brand Equity across various formats under a given brand?

The spirit of Modern Retail Trade does not warrant a lavish and big format store. One can get into MRT even in the existing “Mom and Pop” store by upgrading a few things.

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