Footfall MarketingMRT is an inbound approach to handling customers but one can start this only there is a critical mass of footfall. This is especially relevant when the MRT store is in its introduction and growth stages of PLC curve. Joint ventures , Collaborations and a host of BTL activities tom tomming for footfall is the essence of this program.
The key deliverables of this program are:

  • How does one define footfall with reference to MRT?
  • What is the lure to drive footfalls to MRT?
  • What is the monetary value of a footfall in MRT?
  • What is the conversion ratio of a footfall?
  • What is the relationship between footfall and profitability of a store?
  • What are the guidelines to design BTL activities for generating footfall in a store?
  • What are the third party tie ups which promote footfall?
  • How does one generate more footfalls from the footfalls which have already come to the store?

Every footfall is unique in MRT. Recognise this and market your services for best results. For more details click here.

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