Footfall ManagementFootfall management covers a gamut of activities ranging from creating desired footfalls at the desired time to their traffic management inside the store to their Customer Relationship Management aspect.
The key deliverables of this program are:

  • How does one define the profile of a typical footfall?
  • What all can be done to generate desired footfall at desired time lines?
  • How does one ensure that once a footfall is in the store, he moves to maximum points inside the store?
  • How to ensure that there is smooth flow of footfall traffic inside the store?
  • The stay of the footfall inside the store should be enjoyable and enriching. How does one ensure this?
  • What is the process to handle complaints from footfalls?
  • How does one conduct footfall analysis?

Each and every footfall comes into the store with money. What wallet share you are able to take depends on your footfall management also.

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