Networking Skills

The myth about networking is to locate more and more people of your frequency and tune in with them for business goals. On the contrary networking is all about trying to tune your frequency to the frequency of more and more people who are relevant to your business.

The power of networking is best seen when it becomes viral. Once viral, people who do not know you try and seek your audience. Suddenly you find that you networking less and getting networked more. This is the desired high point of networking skills.

You can expect the following key learning from this program:
  • What is the structured process of networking?Once you sow the seed of networking, how do you eat the fruits of the same?How do you service a networked relation?
  • What is the growth curve of networked transaction?
  • How do you cover the journey from networking to building positive relationships?
  • What are the occasions when you need not network at all?
  • What is the relationship between networking and brand equity?