Need Analysis in KAM

Need Analysis In KAM

Each layer of coconut tells us something about the quality of fruit inside the coconut, provided one is empowered to read the same. Need Analysis of a customer is also a phenomenon like this in KAM since each layer of an organization behaves in a way totally different from the other. A KAM salesperson has to train himself in handling the diverse set of views and opinion on a given subject at each layer and at each table of the organization. KAM is all about ultimately reaching the white portion of the coconut and milk the same accordingly.

You can expect the following key learning from this program:
  • What is “core need” and “perceived need”?
  • How does one map the “perceived need” graph to the “core need” line as one moves ahead on the journey from Need analysis to Order Closing?
  • The core need is a strange function of need wants and desires. How does one draw this multivariate function and follow the sales path within it?
  • The client’s class work is your homework. How does a KAM manager do it?
  • How does a typical Need analysis sheet look like? Prepare one for yourself if you are a KAM Manager?
  • s one relate T-call to beat maps ,route maps and journey cycles in KAM?

A good doctor never prescribes medicines without asking questions and analysing needs. How do the sales doctors in your organisation behave? For more details, call us on 9970506000 or click here.