Mapping the organisation structure

Mapping The Organization Structure

Understanding the organogram of key accounts is obligatory for KAM. One needs to know the organogram not only in terms of its structure but also in terms of political and opinion circles, social fabric but also in terms of grades, power and responsibilities.

You can expect the following key learning from this program:
  • How does one map the organogram? What are the dos and don’ts?
  • Where do you post the “Red” and “Green” flags in the organogram and why?
  • How do you prepare Beat Maps, Route maps and Journey Cycle in KAM?
  • What is the process of conducting Demand Forecasting in Key accounts?
  • Who is “Man Friday” and how do you develop one?
  • How does one do networking in a named account?
  • Mastery of the organogram is a dynamic process. What do you understand by this concept?

The KAM Manager must understand the politics and decision making pattern in the organisation structure and not leave everything to hierarchy.

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