Closing In KAM

Closing in KAM

The life cycle of a typical sales call in KAM is much longer than other forms of selling. In view of this, if one is not very aware of the closing process it is quite possible that a KAM manager works for 1-2 years without closing even a single order. The closing process has to be consciously followed and each point the closing process has to be duly documented and acknowledged from the authorized signatories.
You can expect the following key learning from this program:

  • What are the buying signals in KAM?
  • When and how does one conduct the closing process?
  • What is part closing and how does one do it?
  • What are the closing aids that are helpful in KAM?
  • What are industry best practices in KAM closing the sale?
  • What are the thumb rules for closing ratio in KAM?
  • How does ticket size related to number of closings in KAM?
  • What is the role of a KAM in budget preparation of the client?
  • How does one rate the closing quotient of a KAM Sales?
  • How do you make use of a Sales Dashboard for better administration of cases which deserve to be closed?

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