handling Objections (Faqs)

Need Analysis & Objection Handling

The salesperson has no right to propose anything to the customer without diagnosing the needs of the latter. The customer in turn also has some objections in his which he would like to clear before nodding for purchasing a product or service. Needless to say, the customer will be allowed to raise his objections first. The soft skill and process used by the salesperson in handling these objections decides the success of the salesperson in direct selling.

The Key Deliverables of this program is as follows:

  • How does the fact finding diagnosis sheet of a salesperson look like?
  • What are the 4 objections that a customer raises?
  • What is the sequence in which the customers raise these 4 objections?
  • How does one handle each of the 4 objection raised by a customer?
  • When does a salesperson get the answers to his set of need analysis questions?
  • How does one relate to the chances of success in sales closing to the objection handling?
  • The journey from handling objection no 1 to objection no 2 should follow what kind of time management?
  • What do you lose when you try to debate the customer’s objection, even if the customer is wrong?
  • What is the FAB route of explaining the product and what are its advantages?
  • How does a salesperson handle the price objection?
  • How does a salesperson handle the discount objection?

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