Cross selling and Up selling

Cross selling and Up selling

When a customer comes to buy a burger and if you manage to sell finger chips as well you would have done cross selling.
If a customer has come to buy finger chips, you sell it along with a topping of cheese that it will be said that you have done up selling.
Both these techniques are useful for increasing the ticket size of your sales. When value of sales takes precedence over quantity of sales , it becomes obligatory to do cross sell and upsell.

The Key Deliverables of this program is as follows:

  • When do you cross sell and when do you up sell?
  • How do you conduct the “Gap Analysis”?
  • What are the chances of losing a sale if cross sell or up sell is done wrongly?
  • What is the structured process for cross selling?
  • What is the structured process for up selling?
  • How do you design your Rewards and Recognitions program for cross sell and up sell?

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