Closing Techniques

Closing Technique

There are many salespersons that work very hard and even have very good product knowledge but do not close too many deals. Some people call them donkeys and others call them unlucky. Either of this is not true. Closing is a process which sits on the logic of customer’s psychology.

The Key Deliverables of this program is as follows:

  • What is the right time to ask for an order?
  • What is part closing?
  • How does a salesperson handle the price question at the time of closing?
  • What are the aids that one should have in the sales kit at the time of closing?
  • What is the right behaviour of the salesperson at the time of closing?
  • Once order closed, what are the steps that a salesperson has to necessary follow?
  • What is the TCO approach to handling price objection?
  • How does a salesperson counter the situation when customer compares an apple with an orange?
  • The closing techniques are rated in terms of number of sales closed or value of sales closed. How does one close higher value of sales?
  • What is the closing mindset of a salesperson?

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person

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