channel selection

Channel Selection

Selecting a Channel Partner is a skill. It endeavors to find the best fit between the distribution needs of the brand and the skill – will matrix of the proposed channel partner to fulfill the same. The 4 M, namely Men, Material, Money and Mindset are important while assessing a new channel partner. The optimized mix of 4M coupled with the product life cycle of the brand which is looking for a channel partner are often the key criteria for a channel partner to be successful.

One can expect the following key deliverables from this program:

  • What are the sources of generating leads to prospect for a new channel partner?
  • How does one optimize between Men, Material, Money and Mindset while selecting a channel partner?
  • The metrics for estimating the skill – will of a channel partner is a structured analysis approach. How does this work?
  • What is the business model of a channel partner?
  • What sales kit is used by a Channel Manager while making presentations to prospective channel partners?
  • How does one conduct a mindshare analysis of a channel partner, especially when the latter is dealing with multiple brands which could be competing with each other?
  • How does one assess the market share analysis of a channel partner in a given geography?
  • What is the process of preparing a competition matrix for a channel partner in a given market?

Case Study

You may have best car in town but if the driver is not good, you will be prone to accidents. Channel partners are team members and must be chosen like one.

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