Channel Performance

Channel Performance

Channel performance is rated by the degree of penetration achieved in a given market. One always has genuine reasons for not performing but performance will come out of a planned and strategic move in the market. This cannot be left to chance.

One can expect the following key deliverables from this program:

  • What are the motivating influences for a channel to perform?
  • How does Sales Manager push channel productivity?
  • How does one measure the “degree of penetration” in a given market? What is the index for this?
  • The brand pull will raise demand in the market. This in turn will create a demand vacuum in the market which in turn will push penetration. How does one get an insight into this? Is there any scientific model which explains this phenomenon? Is there any thumb rule for doing this business?
  • What is the role of “Rewards and Recognitions” in driving performance?
  • How does one leverage sales and still balance new market development for future?
  • How does performance in channel sales relate to “Average Ticket Size”?

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person

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