Channel Empowerment

Channel Partner Empowerment

Channel Partners need empowerment in either of the following cases:

  • Channel partner is an old hand with a domain knowledge
  • Channel partner is new into the business

This is important because an old hand has a tendency to take the market for granted and a new entrant is too raw to understand the market on his own.

One can expect the following key deliverables from this program:

  • How will you help the channel partner with preparation of beat maps, route maps and journey cycles?
  • How do you arrive at time management of a journey cycle?
  • How should the channel partner manage SKU movement both in the godown as well as retail market?
  • How is the channel partner expected to promote tertiary sale to ensure that timely secondary and primary sale happens?
  • What kind of manpower planning is required to be done by channel partner?
  • How is the channel partner expected to manage his finance to ensure that there is no default on payments to the company?
  • How will the channel partner manage stocks, inventory and purchase?
  • How will the channel partner cater to change management in light of fast changing market conditions?

Brave soldiers with no arms and ammunition to fight do not win wars for you. They need to be empowered by making use of market analytics and sales metrics with you.

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