Channel Management

Channel Management

Channel Management is the process of ensuring that once a channel partner is inducted into the system, business should be profitable to the entity. Helping the channel partner manage his men, material, money and mindset is what Channel Management is all about.

One can expect the following key deliverables from this program:

  • The channel manager is expected to balance the pressure of sales from the company and the constraints in the channel. How does he do this?
  • The challenge of “display space” in the retail market is a function of availability of space at retailer end and money at the brands end. How does this optimization curve behave?
  • What are the preventive and reactive steps that a channel manager is expected to take in response to the “Optimization Curve” mentioned in s no 2) above?
  • What are the tools to understand market sensitivity in terms of non moving stocks, brand recall value, tertiary sales and MNOC Tracking?
  • How do we ensure that every day, everyone who wanted to use our product has access to the same?
  • How does one manage sundry debtors and sundry creditors in the market?

Do not leave your channel performance to chance or dedication of your channel partners. Monitor and Guide them for best results.

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