Channel Loyalty2

Channel Loyalty

The journey from selecting a new channel partner to a performing channel partner is an arduous task for any Sales Manager. Having done this, one does not want to lose a channel partner and the related business to competition. Channel loyalty is of prime concern for any Sales Manager.

One can expect the following key deliverables from this program:

  • How to design and administer incentive scheme for the channel partner?
  • An engaged channel is a happy channel. How does one engage a channel with a structured communication campaign?
  • What is the design element of “R&R” program and how is it different from the incentive schemes already offered to the channel?
  • What is the Management Information System for a channel partner to ensure that timely feedback and accolades are given to the channel?
  • The reporting and evaluation program which constantly goads the channel partner to perform better is an art. How does one practice the same?

Loyalty programs have to touch the customer throughout the product life cycle. Once loyal, always loyal is not a guarantee.

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