Sales ManagementImprove Selling Skills with Sales Training Programs

We offer a full suite of sales training programs designed to cover every stage of the sales process, from prospecting to account development. All of our programs combine rigorous sales assessment, powerful delivery, and ongoing reinforcement to make sure the learning sticks and has the greatest impact.
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The following modes of selling are covered in our training programs:

Channel of Distribution

  • Channel appointment
  • Beat, Route and Journey Cycle
  • Market Penetration
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Shelf Space, Wallet Share
  • CRM
  • Sales Funnel Management
  • Monitor, Maintain and Measure Sales Metrics
  • Channel Engagement
  • Sales Strategy

Direct Selling

  • Prospecting for lead generation
  • X-Sell™ Selling System
  • The Need Analysis Mindset
  • Objection Handling Skills
  • Always be closing
  • Reference Selling
  • Up selling and Cross Selling
  • Lead Management Systems
  • The art of rejecting prospects
  • Relationship Management through SWITS

Key Account Management

  • The Lock and Key syndrome
  • Mapping of a key account
  • Action™ Selling System
  • Writing Winning Proposals
  • The Customers homework is your class work
  • The Decision Making Matrix
  • Account Management
  • Mitigate Risk, not Price
  • Farming the account

Modern Retail Trade

  • Footfall Management
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Schemes and Offers
  • The Blackspot in Retail display
  • Customer Buying Behaviour
  • Store Layout Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Store Management
  • The MBRO (Multi Brand Retail Outlet)

Institutional Selling

  • Customer Profiling
  • Concept™ Selling System
  • Lead Tracking and management
  • Sales Negotiation Skills
  • Relationship Selling
  • Reference Selling
  • Farming a customer for lifetime value
  • Writing winning proposals

Sales Training Programs

All of our sales training programs include powerful job aids and tools to help improve selling skills and apply new skills on the job. Our programs include:

  • Public Workshops
  • On-site programs
  • e-learning
  • One to one coaching
  • CEO Mentoring

Case Study

Check List

ASales Kit
FAB (Features, Advantage, Benefit) statement
Testimonial letters from clients of each vertical
Credential – Certification, Awards & Recognitions
Selling Aids
Price List
Clients List
Marcom elements – Brochure / Fliers / Single Pagers / Ad copy
Discussion Template
FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)
Samples – Self and Competition
Cost Justification
Information on competition
BEvery Day
Daily Sales Report(DSR)
Review system of DSR
Transfer leads from DSR to Lead Register
Lead Ranking on Lead Register
Qualify and Authenticate Lead Movement on Ranking chart
Validation of ticket size and type of orders
Lost Case Analysis
Reference Tree Register updation
Cross Sale Register
Key Account Customer Ledger updation
Trigger action on respective due dates
MNOC(Min no of Calls) /day Validation
MTBC (Mean Time Between Calls) ratification
Database updation to a mother system
“Parta” System Card
a) Quality
b) Order Processing
c) Accounts
d) Behavioural
Recruitment of Sales Team – JD, Rights and Responsibilities
Induction of new sales team members
Incentive for Sales Team
Rewards and Recognition for Sales Team
Welfare of Sales Team
Compensation for Sales Team
Growth Matrix -Sales Team members
Order customisation
Customer Centricity
Sales Karmas - Values, Beliefs and code of Ethics
Decision making matrix
Service Recovery
DSales MIS and Decision Making
Daily MIS – Leads and MNOC
Weekly MIS – Weak links in the sales team
Fortnightly MIS – Monthly Target Compliance
Monthly MIS – Team Performance and Individual Productivity
Quarterly MIS – Input vs. Output Ratio Analysis
Annual MIS – Preparedness to handle Board of Directors
Individual performance chart at a given point of time from a given
point of time
Individual productivity chart at a given point of time from a given point
of time
Individual Contribution Analysis
Team Contribution Analysis
ESales Process
Definition of TG(Target Group(s))
Prospect Banks
Call Opening
Pitching of Sales Call
Need Analysis Chart
Most common objections raised by prospects and their answers
Part closing
Closing – Scripts , Techniques
Install demonstration
Post sales service
Reference Selling
Maximise LTV(Life Time Value)of a customer
FMarket Intelligence
Market Segmentation
Territory mapping with market potentials
Beats, Routes and Journey Cycles
Key Accounts Notification
Intelligence reports on competition and their planned movements
Sales person assignment of territories
GCustomer Relationship Management(CRM)
ABC Classification of customers
Long term one to one relationship with customers
Mass customization policy
Relational approach Vs. Transactional approach
Fulfilment, Value, Convenience, Trust, Customer Satisfaction (Tony
Zingale Model)
Customer Share
Customer Life Cycle
Customer Acquisition, Attraction, Analysis
Customer Trust Cycle
RFM(Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Count of each customer
Customer Value Metrics
Customer Satisfaction Vs. Market Capitalization Ratio Analysis
Business Intelligence
CRM Leads and its management
HCustomer Centricity
Internal Customer Satisfaction quotient
The journey of customer centricity defined in the organisation
Alignment to 4 human needs of a customer – Need to be heard,
understood, matter and emancipated
Customer Centric Metrics – Focused, Driven, Engaged, Inspired
Customer Life Cycle Management – “Farming” of a customer is done :
Awareness, Knowledge, Consideration, Selection, Satisfaction,
Advocacy, Loyalty
MOT (Moments of Truth) is actively used and measured by system
Customer Life cycle Touch points defined in the organization
Customer Value Metrics
Customer Experience is as per plan
IReference Selling
Reference Tree is maintained
Tracking of reference tree is done every month
Process of reference selling is defined
Target for reference sale is fixed every month
Incentive structure for promoting reference sales
JUp selling and Cross Selling
Tracking of cross selling
Process of up selling and cross selling is defined
Gap analysis is documented
Target of cross selling every month
Incentive structure for cross selling is seen
KSales Dashboard Management System
Entropy in the sales system – Hot, Warm, Cold Leads
Lead Ranking – Funnel Management
Lead Engagement – Fulfilment, Abandon, Pause
Lead Satisfaction – Sales Quality Assurance
Lead Nurturing till it becomes customer
LCustomer Service and its Recovery
5P orientation : Promise orientation, Process Production,
Performance Delivery, Partner Recognition, People Presentation
Customer Service Goals Defined
MOT(Moments of Truth) Defined
Monitoring of stages of customer service – Interested, Invested,
Committed, Engaged, Embedded
Customer Service Strategy – Process, Training, Technology, Review,
Process Health Check
Service Recovery Training to Sales Team
Service Recovery Practices: Moribund, Reactive, Active Listening,
Solicitous, Infused
Approach to service recovery : Hero, Red Carpet, Fix it, Empathise
Process of service recovery – Suno, Samjho, Sawal, Samjhao, Solution,
Service Recovery Redemption Matrix Defined

Click Here to download sales Checklist in pdf formate.

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