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Completing one assignment in Sales is better than opening multiple of them and not completing anyone.

— Sanjay Singh
  • Code of Conduct – Sales Dept - This is a golden opportunity. Let us use the new year to infuse a code of conduct for our Sales Dept. A written code of conduct which is monitored at individual level for all members of Sales Dept has yielded great results in promoting the right “ Karmas of Sales” in the team sales training. Dos

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Sales Targets are in the mind. Market is the place where your achieve it.
It is all in the mind. We have two types of FOS (Feet on Street).

Sniffers and Killers

Sniffers are fresh FOS who has low product knowledge, confidence and experience. At best they can go in the market, under proper guidance, sniff for leads and report the same to Sales Managers. Killers are experienced FOS with good market knowledge, high levels of confidence and experience. They are empowered to close deals but find it boring and below dignity to make “sniffing” calls to generate leads. They work very effectively when asked to close leads generated by “sniffers”.

For best results and high morale:
  • Let “Killers” effectively kill (close) leads generated by “sniffers”. Killers should never manage Sniffers.
  • Never ask Sniffers to Kill. Pay them fixed salary for sniffing efficiently in a non-threat environment
Ability – Productivity – Efficiency

One tribe of salespersons can at best follow this line of Growth matrix. They should be assessed and redeemed accordingly.

This team will understand the language of
  • Number of sales closed (not value or profitability)
  • Speed and Time for closing deals ( no concern for production and planning control or supply chain management challenges)

Their morale boost comes from lateral growth in the organisation and gets contended with good incentive schemes and offers.

Capability – Performance – Effectiveness

Another tribe of salesperson (the future managers) understand the concepts of profitability, ticket size of sale, new business development, continuous prospecting, planning for sales, market intelligence and people handling skills.
Their motivation comes from vertical growth in the organisation.

Give a booster dose to your sales team.

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results. For more details call us on 9970506000or click here.

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