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Completing one assignment in Sales is better than opening multiple of them and not completing anyone.

— Sanjay Singh
  • 12 Winning Sales Closing Habits - Salesperson often grapples with the algorithm of Sales Closings and end up in meeting lot of prospects but not closing enough. This blog will talk about 10 Smart Winning habits of a salesperson, which helps him in closing more sales. 1. Never Close a Sale. It is the customer’s job to do so. The

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B2B Sales Management Audit Format

  • Role of a referee vis a vis player
  • The concept of MNOC(Min No of Calls/day)
  • “No” is the best answer for a salesperson
  • NONSENSEâ„¢ Salespersons (Networking, Objection Handling, Need Analysis, See Prospects, Educate and Serve, No is a good answer, Soft Skills, Engage customers)
  • Promise Quotient(PQ) Level of a salesperson
  • SWITS Relationship Management
  • Business Networking
  • Probing Skills
  • Communication : Storytelling, Active Listening, Voice Throw and Modulation, Paraphrasing, Johari Window
  • Action Selling System – Key Account Management & Institutional Sales
  • PEAK Selling System – Direct Selling
  • Impact Selling System – Channel of Distribution Sales
  • Call Opening – Salesperson, Concept, Solution, Product
  • The journey from Objection no 1 to Objection no 4 – The From – To Approach
  • Handling the price objection
  • Facing the discount query
  • Closing Techniques
  • Shivaji Maharaj of your area – Guerrilla warfare ( Beats, Routes, Journey Cycles)
  • SPANCO cycle
  • Mapping Customer Clouds
  • Secondary sources of leads
  • E-commerce leads
  • Telecalling
  • Mapping Customer Behavioral Pattern to generate leads – Psychographics, Demographics, Income graphics, Firmographics
  • Email Broadcast, SMS Blast, Direct Mailing, Business Opportunity Meets(BOM)
  • Member Get Member (MGM) schemes
  • Elements of Sales Funnel – Leads, Opportunity, Proposals, Negotiation, Close
  • The nature of Sales Funnel
  • Thumb rules of Sales Funnel
  • Moving down the funnel with effective sales management
  • Sales Dashboard Tracking
  • Primary, Secondary , Tertiary Sale
  • Pareto’s Rule – ABC Classification of Channel Partners
  • Channel Recruitment
  • Channel Engagement – A, B and C category channel strategy
  • Channel Profitability
  • Number, Type and terms of recruitment
  • Compensation Tool Kit
  • Incentive Schemes and the craft of framing it
  • Team Retention avoiding burnout syndrome
  • Hire, Fry and Fire
  • Sales productivity vs performance metrics
  • Dyads of performance
  • Monitor productivity
  • Maintain past performance
  • Measure Change metrics
  • 3M as a change driving agent in Sales Performance
  • Conducting the Gap Analysis of customers
  • The Tipping Point
  • Process of upselling
  • When , what and where to do cross selling
  • Process of cross selling
  • The Reference Tree
  • Process of Reference Selling
  • Demand Forecasting for Reference Selling
  • Seamless convergence from Sales to Service
  • Good breeds Good
  • Correlation coefficient of good work and sales numbers
  • Case Studies
  • Node that conjugates and integrates. Power of synergy
  • Understanding the account more than account holder
  • Solutions approach to account management( Not clerical)
  • Action Selling System : 4 Buying Signals, 9 Acts of Sale
  • Clients classwork is your homework
  • Servicing through relationships and Man Fridays
  • The Problem – Do not bargain over positions
  • Methodology – Separate Profile from Problem, Focus on Interests; not positions, Invent Win-Win, Insist on Objective criteria
  • Yes, but – BATNA, Negotiation Jujitsu, Dirty Tricks sword of Damocles
  • Ten Questions people ask about “Getting to Yes” – Fair play, Dealing with people, Tactics, Power
  • Is it a competitive sport?
  • Pareto’s Optimal Curve – The Bargaining Zone
  • K & R’s Leverage Slope of Negotiation
  • Concepts in Negotiation – BATNA, ZOPA,
  • The Starting Point of Negotiation
  • Preparing for Negotiation – Prepare, Discuss, Propose, Bargain
  • 3 Dimensions of Negotiation
  • Possible outcomes of a Negotiation Compromise, Collaborate, Compete, Accommodate, Avoid 7 immutable laws of Negotiation – You must be buyers first choice, Your solution creates, Anticipate getting squeezed
  • on prices, Be proactive on budget, Expand pie with set of non-monetary trade ups, Never give without getting (Negotiators Tool Kit), Know your walk away price and conditions
  • Closing the Sale 7 steps guide to execute negotiation plan
  • Use of closing time Quick Sheet
  • Chief Knowledge Resource (2002 – Present) Strategic Concepts (I) Pvt. Ltd
  • Sales Management Consulting Business Growth & Strategic Planning
  • Sales Training Sales Audit Proprietor (1998 – 2002) Concept Consulting Direct Sales Associate for ICICI Bank Ltd
  • Airtel and Tata Indicom Knowledge Resource (1992 – 1998)
  • PH Management Consultants Place Advisory services for Textile Industry Vertical in spinning, knitting and weaving processes Area Manager (1988 – 1992)
  • Hindustan Office Products Limited Dolphin, Palmtops SE (1985 – 1987)
  • Eureka Forbes Limited Member of first direct selling team of Eureka Forbes

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