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Customer does not oblige by talking to salespersons. They help each other.

— Sanjay Singh
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Market Presentation

BTL (Below the Line) Activities is a part of Marketing Communications. Any event or activity which directly affects the leads generated is known as BTL.
(The line above which any market spends directly affects the brand but not immediate sales are known as ATL or Above the Line activity.)

Organizations are known to be following conventional methods of BTL activity which may or may not be crafted for their needs at a given point of time in the market. Think Big, Think Fresh and Think for Me are the three mantras that separate a BTL activity from a result oriented BTL activity. The latter is often crafted and customized based on market inputs arrived at through a structured market research and survey.

Team SCIPL will assist its clients in answering questions like:
  • What is the right budget for BTL?
  • What is the BTL strategy for a given organization at a given time in a given market?
  • Is it good to outsource BTL implementation and at what cost?
  • What is the mathematical correlation between BTL spends and leads generated?
  • What is the thumb rule for BTL spends?
  • What is the hit ratio on leads generated through BTL activity?
  • What is the periodicity for BTL activity?
  • What is the right vehicle and design of a given BTL activity?
  • Please plan BTL campaigns with targets, deadlines and budgets.

Good marketers measure.

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