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Commitment to customers must be upheld by salespersons, come what may.

— Sanjay Singh
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Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Improve Your Performance

SCIPL specializes in the design, administration and reporting of customer and client satisfaction surveys. We have extensive experience in all types of methodologies to survey customers including online, mail, and telephone research. Our expert survey design and analysis of the findings can help pinpoint particular areas of strength or weakness and assist in understanding the root cause of how a product, service, or company may have fallen short of customer expectations.

From the very beginning when a client first contacts our research firm, we seek to better understand their business needs and specific customer satisfaction research requirements. This allows us to tailor a customer satisfaction survey program to a client’s research objectives as well as its unique needs and budget. Some companies require full-service client satisfaction surveys; others need help with particular parts of the research process.

We have included as much initial information as possible on our website describing the different kinds of services we can provide for customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys. Please click on the relevant links on this page to learn more or contact us directly for a free consultation.

Unless you have 100% customer satisfaction…
you must improve.

If we don’t care of customer’s someone else will. To know more info, please call us on 9970506000or click here.

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