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Customer does not oblige by talking to salespersons. They help each other.

— Sanjay Singh
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The human resource is always heterogeneous in their personal traits, beliefs,
attitudes and lifestyle. How can we have a homogenous Learning and Development
(L&D) policy for them?

Sales Training and Need Analysis (TNA) in Sales is based on the classical premise that
  • Some people learn by doing themselves
  • Some people learn by seeing others do
  • Some people learn by listening to others
We follow a structured process to segregate the above mentioned categories from theSales Training teams of our clients and then probe each group separately to arrive at TNA.
  • Focus study
  • Questionnaire Survey
  • One to one interrogation
The TNA of each group is than mapped on following 3P criteria
  • Pertinence
  • Periodicity
  • Plan of Action (POA)
The TNA roll out plan is implemented by our Sales Training Dept to ensure success of Sales Teams for our clients.

Training is a Process.

Please do not treat is as an Event and waste your resources. For understanding TNA of your sales team
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