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Customer does not oblige by talking to salespersons. They help each other.

— Sanjay Singh
  • 10 Reasons to be Proud Salesman - I am a proud salesperson and site the following cogent 10 reasons for the same: 1.  The entry "From Sales" in the Balance sheet of a company takes care of all the expenses of the company. 2.  Sales function entitles me to meet new persons every day and these meetings forge new friendship opportunities for

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Process ensures standardisation, a necessary ingredient when we want to have predictable results from obvious inputs. Many a times, it is the sequence of what you do and how do you do that decides results.

A defined sales process becomes all the more important when the sales teams of our clients are large in size and spread across territories and market segments.
While defining a sales process for our clients, we ensure the following
  • Easy and simple to understand and explain
  • Each step in the process must have a defined benchmark to proceed to the next step
  • Logical and Rational
  • Adherence to the sales process should be ensured for 90% cases
  • Training aid to implement the sales process
  • Tracking mechanism

You need a process even to cook potato curry. Sales is definitely more complex than this.

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