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Completing one assignment in Sales is better than opening multiple of them and not completing anyone.

— Sanjay Singh
  • The Journey From “Lead” to Customer - The Birth of a “Lead” Even before a Lead is born, it is conjured as a Suspect in the mind of a Salesperson. The salesperson is expected to do a Cluster Analysis of his suspects which in turn depends on the Target Group (TG) which they are trying to address for a particular product or

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Performing sales teams are necessarily Efficiently Productive. It is not necessary for Productive sales teams to be Performing Effectively.

Sales Performance is a function of many things apart from manufacturing a good product, pricing it well. Packaging it nicely, promoting it aggressively and positioning it as per market niche. What drives sales performance?
  • The Sales Climate and Culture
  • The level of Customer Centricity
  • The Status given to winning sales teams
  • The Happiness Quotient (HQ) of sales persons
  • Celebrating sales success, big or small, is a unique way
  • Demand Forecasting and Target Setting is transparent and based on a two way communication with the sales teams At SCIPL, we study the above mentioned parameters for our clients and advise them on
  • Realignments
    There are sales teams where everything exists but the same needs tweaking to align to the goals, mission and vision of the company.
  • Reengineering
    With change in market conditions, all the right things about an existing sales team become the wrong things in today’s context. This is a typical case of re-engineering.
  • Restoring
    Whenever we encounter “Once upon a time, we did all this but no longer” , we use the Restore option .
  • Refreshing
    The burnout syndrome in sales teams sometimes create the fatigue levels so high that they are not able to perform despite having all the ingredients of a good sales team. On such occasions, refresh option is exercised by us.
  • Revamping
    This is required with sales teams which have a very lop sided idea about core concepts of Sales Performance Management.

Performance leads to effective results. Productivity can at best
lead to efficiency.

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