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Customers respect only those salespersons whose employees also respect them.

— Sanjay Singh
  • Code of Conduct – Sales Dept - This is a golden opportunity. Let us use the new year to infuse a code of conduct for our Sales Dept. A written code of conduct which is monitored at individual level for all members of Sales Dept has yielded great results in promoting the right “ Karmas of Sales” in the team sales training. Dos

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It is easier to increase the sales volume in untapped markets but very difficult to change overnight; the way we process our sales orders.

The other functions of management like production, materials management and finance is tuned to work in a particular way. We cannot stretch these functions like elastic to get best results. Once a sales order is logged, the following questions becomes pertinent in the processing of the order:
  • Does production react to sales orders or are they planned as per market potential and demand forecasting techniques?
  • How do we communicate sales orders to stores and despatch?
  • What is the quality of intervention of Quality Control dept. in terms of sales order processing?
  • In case of reactive production planning, how does one ensure timely availability of raw materials for production?
  • Do we have TAT(Turn Around Times) defined for each important activity in Sales Order Processing?
  • How do we make use of Technology to keep the customer informed about work in progress as far as their sales order processing is concerned?
  • What is the mechanism for plugging in CRM with Sales order processing?

Sales Order Processing of incremental volume of Sales Orders is a bigger challenge than increase the value of sales orders.

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