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Customer will negotiate with you till you make him realise that you have reached rock bottom.

— Sanjay Singh
  • Salesman’s New Year Resolutions in 2018 - The tribe of salesmen on Earth also do make New Year Resolutions. This blog is to guide them towards making a healthy resolution which can be sustained towards fulfillment sales training. Everyday is the strongest building block of a salesman. Let us resolve to make our every day strong and robust. Results will follow! Early

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Winning Sales Teams have missiles which are guided by the analytics of Sales Metrics to ensure that they hit sales target always.

Sales Analytics helps selling teams optimise their resources on the right deliverables rather than shooting in the dark. The sales Metrics which come out of a systematic study of Sales Teams gives us
  • Historical trend analysis
  • Coefficient of correlation between dependent and independent variables
  • Cluster Analysis of demand patterns
  • Dispersion range across markets and segments
  • Behavioral mind set towards products and services
At SCIPL we collate, analyse and study sales metrics to realign an existing sales dashboard or create a new Sales Dashboard for better and more effective Sales Management.

If you cannot measure something, you cannot improve the same.

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