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Customer will negotiate with you till you make him realise that you have reached rock bottom.

— Sanjay Singh

  • Sales Strategy for SME CEO in Sales Ki Pathshala - What are the 3 inputs that sets the ground for preparing a winning Sales Strategy? Product must be ___________________ , __________________ & ________________ Service levels must be ___________________ , __________________ & ________________ Relationships must be ___________________ , __________________ & _________________ What are the questions that one must ask before setting to prepare a winning

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We do the same things that you do. We do them with an Insight that guides us to do them differently.

The DIKW translation from data to information to knowledge and finally wisdom is a journey. Anyone who travels this journey develops insights into the subject matter which we call Subject Matter Expertise. At SCIPL, all our consultants have 20 years plus hands one work experience. By virtue of this we share our Sales Insights with our clients to answer the following:

  • Validations of Sales Targets
  • Ratification of competition mapping
  • Affirmation of Go-to market plan
  • Analysis of Compensation plan for sales teams
  • Between the line “ If Then What analysis
  • Market Caveats
  • Market Intelligence
  • Arriving at the “Not so obvious” calculations

Your plans and our Insights can come together to make it happening.

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