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Completing one assignment in Sales is better than opening multiple of them and not completing anyone.

— Sanjay Singh


All salespersons are welcome as long as we appraise them and compensate them as per their capabilities and competencies.

Our clients have following types of questions:
a) We are not able to retain talent in our organisation?
  • If we pay talented people well, they get much better salaries in the market and leave us.
  • If we promote talented people, they stop the very performance which helped them getting promoted
  • We recognise the real worth of the person after they leave our organisation
b) We are not able to motivate our sales team to work harder despite the fact that we are very sure about our growing market potential.
  • What motivates the salesperson?
  • Is there any standard process for implementing the motivation plan?
  • What should be the periodicity of such motivations?
These and many more questions form the premise on which our performance appraisal systems are designed for our clients.

Appraisals and Assessments are best left to experts who have worked
on the other side of the table in Sales.

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