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Sales Advisory Services includes all those waters of Sales Management where our subject matter experts have learnt their swimming in the past by virtue of their hands on experience backed by academic research and study.

All salespersons are welcome as long as we appraise them and compensate them as per their capabilities and competencies.

Our team of Knowledge Resource often interacts with leading academicians on the given subject matter across prestigious institutions like IIM, Kolkota, IMT, Ghaziabad and others. At SCIPL, we have a rich advisory board which constitutes of academicians and industry experts across the country. We make it a point that all our advisory services in Sale

We make it a point that all our advisory services in Sales Management is backed up by evidenced data and not an emotional outburst of gut feeling based on personal experience. It is also important to note here that we take full guarantee of performance and go to the extent of linking our professional fees with the success of the advisory services given by us. We will own the success or failure of all our advisory services provided the client implements the same as per our directions.

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