Where do you get Customers?


                Salespersons are always grappling for an answer to the question

                                  Where does one get Customers?














  1. Target Group (TG)

TG is defined by Demographics, Psychographics, Firmographics and Income-graphics of the prospect who would like to buy your product or service.

a) Demographics : Where do they stay? Where do they come from?

b) Psychographics: What is their belief , lifestyle and attitude?

c) Income- graphics: What is their SEC A/B/C ? (SEC = Social Economic Class)

d) Firmo-graphics: What type of company does the TG work in ?

2. Influencers

Influencers are consultants, advisors, experts, referees or self proclaimed benefactors. These categories of interest groups also have prior information about the customers evolving demand even before he salesperson gets to know about it in many cases.

e.g. Manufacturer of ceramic tiles will get good customer enquiries if he interfaces with architects and civil engineers. The latter are influencers in this case.

3. Aggregators

Service providers who aggregate the demand of the product or service that you are selling are known as aggregators.

e.g. Plumbers will be involved in all such decisions which involves purchase of an overhead water tank. The plumbers are aggregators of demand for overhead water tanks.

The salesperson is just required to concentrate on this triangle to locate new customers.

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