Unpredictability in Sales is Predictable

Sales is a very exciting profession because the only thing that one can predict in Sales is its unpredictability. A sales professional is therefore expected to plan the unpredictability.

What are the unpredictable elements in sales?

  1. Customer Demand Patterns
  2. Customer Buying Behaviour
  3. Customer Satisfaction Index
  4. Customer Loyalty factors
  5. Customer Attrition Rates
  6. Anti incumbency of a customer with a brand

How do you plan for all these unpredictable elements from a customer? If you fail to plan, you are surely planning to fail in Sales!

  1. How to cater to changing customer demand patterns and varying customer buying behaviour?

Map all possible customer demand patterns and behavioural patterns and cater to all of them as far as possible so that irrespective of demand patterns, your funnel will cater to each one of them.

2. How does one predict a positive customer satisfaction index, Customer Loyalty and Customer attrition?

Design a process around each of these and follow them rigorously. If you take customer satisfaction, customer loyalty or customer attrition for granted just by making a great product, you are sure to die early.

Let us plan for these unpredictabilities and share each others concerns on the topic after reading the blog. I am sure it will make an interesting reading for all readers of this blog.

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