Unleash the Power of your Sales Team

Powerful Sales Team dissipate a lot of their positive energy in squandering their focus over multiple market segments and scattered prospect maps. The term “Unleash” means that somewhere the sales management training is hindering the process of their realizing their full potential. The question is how to unleash?

Let us look at the following steps:

  1. Right Person for the Right Job
  2. Hunt in packs. All alone you can never catch your prey
  3. Do not allow your sales team to die of indigestion
  4. Be a mother to your sales team every morning and a father to them every evening.
  5. Celebrate small victories with your sales team sales strategy


Right person for the Right Job

Sales is a generic world which demands one or more of the following competencies:

Prospecting, Sales Presentation, Sales Negotiation, Tele calling, Digital marketing, Branding, Sales Metrics Planning, Sales Closing, Lead Generation, CRM, Sales Funnel Management, Sales Dashboard Management, Sales MIS, Complaint Handling, When we employ someone in Sales Dept, let us allocate their specific function rather than expecting them to do everything in sales.

Hunt in Packs.

It is very difficult to catch your prey when you go to the jungle all alone. Build a Sales Team and not a bunch of salespersons only.

Do not allow your sales team to die of indigestion.

Indigestion rather than starvation is the cause of death of most salespersons sales training today. There is so much information in the market and so many types of prospects that many new salespersons lose focus and track in trying to satisfy all possible market segments.

Be a mother and father to your sales team

A sales team which does not see their sales manager everyday at least twice is bound to either get indiscipline or lose their track of work. The Sales Manager or sales consultant is very caring like a mother in the morning and very demanding like a father in the evenings.

Celebrate small victories with your sales team

It is important that you celebrate every small achievement of sales teams. Do not wait for the big day because you may lose many of them by that time. Budgets may vary but victory celebrations should be omnipresent with a sales team.


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