Top 10 Reasons for Salesman’s Pride


The Sales Consultant in me has been in the profession of selling since last 34 years and I must tell you that there is no profession like this in the world. I would like to embrace this profession even if I get another 7 lives as a human being! In this blog I want to document the reasons for this euphoric pride towards my profession of Selling:

  1. The Sales Consultant is the only professional who brings revenue to the organization.
  2. The opportunity to earn money as a Salesman is always limited by my imagination to do so.
  3. The pride of representing an organization from the front in any presentation outside the office is tremendous for any salesman.
  4. This profession gives an opportunity to learn products inside out even though the salesman is not technically competent to do so.
  5. There is always an extra carrot to eat in this game of selling. Once the salesman knows how to do this, you always have something “extra” in your life!
  6. In this profession, you understand human behavior and psychology so well that the salesman can forecast the same with a 95% efficiency.
  7. The opportunity to meet new people every day is a blessing which God has not bestowed on any other professional in this world other than a salesman.
  8. The power to convert a “No” into a “Yes” without begging but through a structured process of need analysis and objection handling is an awesome feeling. Only a salesman can do this.
  9. This profession gives you an opportunity to make so many friends of your own choice that the salesman is never short of good company.
  10. Top management of any organization has no option but to look at me and my comrades in sales training for their survival. Everyone always looks up to a salesman for their survival.


I pray to God that

  1. All salespersons realize their superpower and serve humanity accordingly
  2. Please give me a rebirth as a salesman Sales Strategy


For all those of you, who are tired, bored or feel pity to be a salesman, please connect to me for mental and therapeutic treatment.

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