Think Inside the Box


The box of Sales Management must be in place before one starts innovating outside the box. Let us briefly look within the box of sales management and arrive at a checklist for the same.

1. No of salespersons in the team should be able to make (Target X 19) no of calls in a month.

2. The salesperson must call in pre defined routes which must be equivalent to (Target X 19) nos.

3. The salesperson must complete one route of new calls in 3 hours from 11am to 2 pm.

4. As far as possible, all follow up calls of the salesperson must be taken from 3pm to 5pm of the day.

5. The salesperson must fill his Daily Sales Report(DSR) in writing every day without fail. It is ideal if the DSR is fed into a CRM system everyday and reviewed.

6. The Sales Funnel of each salesperson must comply to pre defined ratio set as thumbrules for the following parameters:

Contacts – Leads – Opportunity – Proposal – Negotiation – Orders

7. Salesperson must re visit routes at predefined periodicity.

8. Sales person must have a separate target for Reference Selling.

9. Salesperson must be able to show a growth in target achievement through Cross Selling.

10. All responsibilities of performance and non performance of salesperson is with the Sales Manager because the former is supposed to implement the function of sales on the directions of Manager.


If all of us start looking with a focus inside this box of Sales Management, you may not be required to look outside the box for innovation. Lets return to the basics folks. God has ensured that nothing is rocket science provided we stick to the basics.

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