The Subject Called Sales

Sales is a very interesting subject because it warrants a sales professional to have a sound knowledge of the following subjects via a vis a customer viz. History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Social Science, Economics and of course English!

History of a customer

a) Has the customer used this product in the past?

b) If yes, at what periodicity? If no, what else has he used in its place?

c) What has been the customers experience in the past with this product? Is it good enough for him to recommend this product to others in his peer group?

Geography of a customer

a) Which part of the city is the prospect of this product most likely to be found?

b) What is the time distribution of the likely prospect of this product across the geography of the city?

Physics of the customer

a) The potential in the customer to be drawn to your marketing message?

b) The “surface tension” of an excited customer?

c) The “viscocity” of a prospective buyer who is contemplating between multiple options and sluggish to take a decision?

d) The “magnetic pull” of a marketing communication to a customer buying behaviour?

e) The “Price elasticity of demand” for a particular product?

Chemistry of a customer

a) The interpersonal bonding between a customer and an influencer (covalency or electrovalency)

b) The irreversible interaction between a seller and a buyer if complaints are not handled well

c) The pungent smell that comes out of an interaction between a salesperson who miscommitted to a customer

d) The nuclear reaction of customers who respond to a great market idea

Biology of a customer

a) The genetic brand followership across generations for a given brand

Mathematics of a customer

a) Min no of Calls / day (MNOC)

b) Average Ticket Size (ATS)

c) Conversion Ration of customers

d) RRR (Required Run Rate) to make new sales calls every day

e) Average waiting time (AWT) of customers in your showroom

Social Science

a) The customer buying behaviour is effected to a great extent on the social parameters of the customer

Economics of a customer

a) The application of Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility on customer demand and customer satisfaction

b) Price elasticity

c) Demand equity

d) Brand equity

This makes it very clear that this subject called Sales encompasses knowledge of so many other subjects. To top it all, a good English is required to be communicating everything to the customer in the form of a good proposal.

Sales professionals, please feel proud to realise that one PhD in Sales ensures that you have also understood so many other subjects.

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